Galvanizing Services

Sabre's galvanizing facility

Sabre Galvanizing Services is one of the most efficient and environmentally-responsible, full-service galvanizers in the United States.

Sabre Galvanizing Services is a full-service, general galvanizer specifically designed to provide steel fabricators with exceptional corrosion protection. We galvanize a wide variety of steel products from utility and telecom structures, to bridges and culverts, to spiral staircases and steel sculptures.

Located on Sabre Industries’ industrial complex in Alvarado, Texas, Sabre Galvanizing Services is one of the largest of its type in North America. We have one of the biggest operating kettles in the world and 20-ton lifting capacity, allowing us the ability to galvanize the largest steel structures with ease. We are a green facility and every step of our process is environmentally-responsible.

In addition to providing steel fabricators with superior galvanizing protection, Sabre offers unmatched technical support to both the fabrication and construction specifications community. To learn more about Sabre Galvanizing Services or to schedule a personal visit, contact us at (877) 596-1301 or by email at

Sabre Galvanizing has the ability to galvanize a wide variety of steel products.